Lars Avemarie


For this episode of the "Stepping-up the Game", I got the chance to talk to Lars Avemarie, one of the most poeminant thinkers when it comes to rehabilitation issues and Physiotherapy specifically, mainly in pain science.

We diverged a little bit from the sports context per se, but we still managed to have a very prolific and insightful conversation on critical thinking and it's application in Physiotherapy settings, from which we can (carefully) try to extrapolate to other areas; for example, when ot comes to rehabilitate athletes by relying on pain itself and its' experience too much.

I do recommend everyone to follow Lars in his website and social media accounts, as he shares valuable knowledge, ranging from personal reflections to science concerning rehabilitation, and still some more general topics that tend to be filled with myths.

I share the full interview, and hope you like it.

I also share the audio-version, in case you want to download it and listen to it.

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